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Lost and Found…..Developing student's knowledge of creative word choice


The students will create lost and found posters for mundane classroom objects with a focus on word choice.


Language Arts – six traits


Early Elementary (but can be adapted for any class that needs a lesson in word choice)

Suggested Time

20 Minutes aprox.


Printable version of lesson ---------------- Links are Word doccuments

Lost and Found “button” overhead

Lost and Found Button template

Lost and Found COMIC

Chart Paper


Students will be able to:

  1. brainstorm descriptive words as a whole group
  2. work cooperatively to create their Word Choice poster for “publication”

On-Line Resources

Printable version of lesson ---------------- Links are Word doccuments

Lost and Found “button” overhead

Lost and Found Button template

Lost and Found COMIC


-Copy Button Lost and Found poster onto overhead sheet (or create your own on chart paper) – add color to the button


Begin the class discussion with a brainstorming session. Ask the children to name off regular things that are found all around the classroom (eg: paperclip, pencil, loose leaf paper, etc).

Make a list on the board.

Then show the overhead of the comic strip – talk about what is going on in the strip.

Ask the students what they would write on a poster to describe a lost button. What words best describe it? (round, hard, plastic, four holes, etc) Brainstorm and add the words to the list, or have kids come up and do it (will add time to your lesson to do that).

Tell the students that they will be creating their own posters for little things found around the classroom. Split them into their groups or partners. Assign each group an object and give them ten minutes to create their own poster (more time may be necessary, depending on age and ability of students). Have the students edit their own spelling by using dictionaries, word walls, etc (depending on your class, you may just have them phonetically spell the harder words and fix them at another time).



Have the students share their posters and their word choices.


When spelling is edited, post posters in the classroom as a word choice resource.

Home Work Extension

Have the students create a Lost and Found poster for their favorite toy.


The “ Zed ” comic strip used with this lesson is copyright 2006 by Duane M. Abel .

The “ Zed ” comic strip used with permission of Duane M. Abel.


Zed collections can be purchased HERE

Lesson plan by Scott Tingley - April 09, 2007



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