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News and Reviews Archives

Spiegelman Launches National Tour with two very different books! TOON Books, an imprint of RAW Junior, is pleased to announce renowned cartoonist Art Spigeleman's fall tour

Pumpkin Scissors Vol 2: Odd Name - Great Manga I shouldn't tell you I like a book until you have a chance to read the review, but there's more to it - promise.

Yam: Bite Size Chunks = Goofaloofa Are you looking for some wacky, wordless fun for the whole family? Are you tired of books that don't have fair-weather flower friends? Look no further!

Summer = A Big Stack of Archie Digests Finish off the summer with a big pile of the comicy goodness that is THE ARCHIE DIGEST.

Sonic Boogaloo - or - I'm Not So Sure I Should Call This A "Review" Either Yeah...Just read it.

BOOM! Studios and DISNEY/PIXAR Announce New Line of Comic Books Comics will feature characters fromTOY STORY, FINDING NEMO, WALL*E and more.

Three Very Big and One Very Small: Books for YOU This Summer Looking for some summer reading? Try: Flight 4, Out Of Picture 2, Studio Space and Mr. Fooster...Or maybe you shouldn't try them. You'll have to keep reading to find out.

Telefilm Provides Funding For Clockwork Girl Arcana is proud to announce that   Telefilm Canada has provided funding for the Clockwork Girl animated film.

First Look At The Chess Comic Comics in the Classroom proudly introduces the webcomic - The Chess Comic: Learning Chess Through Comics

JEFF LEMIRE WINS SHUSTER AWARD! Ontario native Jeff Lemire earned another recognition last night for his graphic novel trilogy ESSEX COUNTY

Path: A Go, Go, Go Review Do you think your kids would be interested in a book length chase scene featuring monsters of every shape and size (crocidogs!), a robot, a rabit and an elephant? Me too.

A Factual Review of Chiggers by Hope Larson A fact-filled review of the Nova Scotia living writer and artists. The reviewer is not responsible for the veracity of these facts.

Iron Man is to 24 Like Spider-Man is to the A-Team -- An Iron Man Movie Review This is my first movie review, so I'm going to need you to be forgiving - Ebert I'm not. I do have a few comments to make though. 

Comics in the Classroom would like to thank Comic News Insider for including us in this year's New York Comic Con fundraiser raffle.

LINK: Riverside Reads Free Comic Book Day Reviews Grade 3 students review of some of the All Ages FCBD comics available this Saturday.


LINK: Riverside Reads Interviews Owly Creator, Andy Runton He is being interviewed by a bunch of Nine year olds, but Runton gives some great answers.

Another Dirt Sandwich: a Review -or- “That's an awful lot of birds.” If you enjoy uniquely illustrated slightly-rambling joke filled books you might want to check out this uniquely illustrated slightly-rambling joke filled book.

Kids Love Comics at New York Comic-Con Kids Love Comics has joined with New York Comic-Con to help make this year's NYCC better than ever, participating in Sunday's KIDS DAY at the show.

More to come, but don't forget that the third greatest day of the year is almost here. Right after Xmas and Easter, but before my Birthday! Free Comic Book Day!!! May 3. Go HERE for more details.

LINK: Comics in the Classroom and Riverside Reads in the news!

Press Release: Toon Books Go Back To Press Before Pub Date

Amulet: A Review An all new all ages appropriate series from the brains behind the popular Flight Anthologies. Amulet is the next big thing from Scholastic

Bone: A Reccomendation...as if it Needs One If you believe that reading is reading - that kids reading anything age appropriate is to be considered a good thing, click through ans keep reading

Press Release: Newsweek Loves Classics Illustrated

White Rapids (or Rapide Blanc), by Pascal Blanchet tells the part fact, part fiction tale of a Quebec company town built around the Rapid Blanc dam in the late 20s. But is it any good?

Flight Explorer Review The Flight Crew (that's awful) are back with an all ages version of their very high quality, nearly all ages Flight anthology.

The Clouds Above
reviewed on the Kids' Book Blog.

ALL-KIDS COMIC SITE OFFICIALLY ONLINE These students from rural Canada are creating some great comics and writing some terrific reviews...Oh, and they are my students.

Little Foot's Mr. Big wins Day Prize The ecosystem-food chain-habitat-murder mystery-alien entity invasion graphic novel that could just keeps on going

Dr. Grordbort's Contrapulatronic Dingus Directory Would you like to buy a book dedicated to selling you stuff that can help you defend your house and manhood (you too ladies) against inevitable alien invasion? Well, take out your wallet.

James Kochalka, Mo Willems and Toon Books: Comics as Kids' Books Comics made especially for kids! What a concept. Read more about this surprisingly rare idea.

Ghost Stories: A Review Jeff Lemire presents the second installment of the three-volume Essex County graphic novel series. You don't want to miss this one.

LINK: DC launches their new kid's line of comics this week. Here are a couple new articles about it.

Archie + Valentines Are you looking for a last minute gift for a loved one?  Here is BETTY & VERONICA DIGEST #181 with the story, Be My Valentine …or Else!

First Nations Graphic Novel - Teacher Guide Little Spirit Bear has created a Teaching Tool called Adventures of Rabbit and Bear Paws vol 1: Teacher Guide to help educators better understand Native Peoples and graphic novels -PRESS RELEASE-

By the way, Andy Runton - creator of OWLY and friend of this site has recently released Owly vol 4: A Time To Be Brave.  You will be hearing more about it here soon.

New Kids' Book Corner Blog Review
The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian featuring the art of Allen Forney

YALSA Winner and Powerful Read: ESSEX COUNTY (VOL 1): TALES FROM THE FARM This is not a book for the kids, but since it won as an adult book with specific teen appeal we thought you might be interested.

IDW Publishing Launches New Children's Division and Imprint -Press Release- IDW Signs Agreement with UK Children's Publisher -Top Hollywood Screenwriters To Create Children's Books

Ar Launches a Blog For Every Title -Press Release- To allow for better communication with fans, Archie Comics has created a Blog for each of its titles.

LINK: MARVEL LAUNCHES MARVELKIDS.COM WITH ADVER-VIDEOS A new section of marvel.com dedicated to younger readers. Links to Press Release posted on Newsarama.

Year End PDF Catch-Up Reviews Page – 2007 Edition Time to play catch-up on some comic reviews. A pretty diverse bunch of comics get looked at – plus a Tony Curtis reference!

Comics in the Classroom Holiday Gallery Here are the different electronic Holiday cards that have been sent to us here at CitC this year and last.

Comics in the Classroom's First Annual Holiday Reading Picks - Part Two -UPDATE- This time we have picks from the people that bring you Amelia Rules!, Lions, Tigers and Bears and from the CitC staffers

Comics in the Classroom's First Annual Holiday Reading Picks - Part One -UPDATE- I asked every comic person I knew and could find an email address for what they would pick for various age groups to read.

Darkness Calls - A Suicide Prevention Comic: Worth reading because it is good Teens know when they are being talked at but too many need to hear the Suicide Prevention message of this important comic.

Ottawa-based artist exhibits with the Parkdale Gallery A nice way to spend a little of the holidays with comics.

Astronaut Dad Volume One -PRESS-, the latest book from Silent Devil, is out in
stores today. Haen't read it yet, but it sounds great.

Back Off - Leave Me Alone: A GRUMPY BIRD Review A Kid's book review on the blog by a comic/children's book/other artist. Good stuff and funny animals. Now leave me alone - what do you want from me!?!

Pumpkin Scissors: A Manga Review by a Manga Newbie I know very little about manga. So, if you know less, you might learn something, and if you know more you can read the review and laugh at me (something for everyone).

Students learn about popular Japanese art-form, pitch concepts to studio execs -Press Release-

Library Workshop This past Saturday I had the opportunity to conduct another comic creating workshop for kids in the Greater Moncton area

MARVEL DIGITAL COMICS UNLIMITED Marvel opens its comic book vault to the masses today with its ONLINE DIGITAL COMICS DESTINATION -PRESS-

All Ages Anthology / Online Comic Sugary Serials has announced the release of the first issue in their monthly all ages anthology

The First Archie Story Contest Winner: Maha! First Grand Prize winner of Archie's Weekly Story Contest announced -Press Release-

Comics in the Classroom Turns 2 Years Old! Who would have thought that we would still be hanging around after two whole years?

LINK: Holy Cow, What an awesome website for teachers interested in using comics! Lesson plans, Templates and much more.

The Archie Comics Halloween Costume Contest Archie Comics would like to see how creative their fans can be, so they've decided to hold a Halloween Costume Contest. -PRESS-

Mama's Boys: Home Scholin' review From cartoonist Jerry Craft comes the lives of Pauline Porter and her two teenage sons Tyrell and Yusuf. Mamas Boyz.

The Scrapyard Detectives Review: A lot about what it isn't and some about what it is. Remember those PSA comics given out at schools and drugstores? These aren't them.

New Kids' Book Corner Blog Review: Steve Martin's The Alphabet From A to Y With Bonus Letter Z!

Preview pages of ZAPT!: Volume Three Shannon Denton has provided us with a seven page preview of the upcoming release of ZAPT!: Volume Three

The Sleepy Truth: A Play By Play Advanced Review In this barnburner of a review the Goonies, Indiana Jones, the Simpsons, and Stephen Colbert are all referenced. Nessie and Ichabod Crane just miss the cut.

Squirrelly Gray and the Awesome Dust Jacket The review is not really about the dust jacket - it's about comic great James Kochalka's new comic/kid's book.....and it's about the dust jacket.

Kids' Book Blog - The Police Cloud Review I talk about a police helicopter, Care Bears (really), high rise fires, giant police captains....and hijinks. You don't want to miss it.

16-YEAR Old Comic Author of VIOLET ROSE While some her age are buying their favorite comic book, Emma Davis is busily creating her own - Press Release -

Superhero BOARD BOOK! This is a kids book and can be read here by clicking above or on the BLOG (but there are no ads to click repeatedly on the blog yet..... Hmmm.

Kids' Books Reviewed on new CitC BLOG! A new blog was just created where children's picture books and chapter books will be reviewed. Let us know what you think.

Hey Kids! Scholastic Comics! A look at the comics being offered by an unlikely major player in comics today....Scholastic Inc.

Graphic Classics: Lovecraft, Gothics and Stoker There has been a bit of buzz about the latest Graphic Classics graphic novels. Learn about three of them here.

Miki Falls - Review - Mark Crilley has created a story that revolves around teenagers, a secret plot involving ancient mysteries and the fate of the world…sort of

The Fog Mound: A Review --or-- Take your paws off me, you darned dirty Chipmunk! Global warming, genetic engineering, talking porcupines and helicopter flying bears!

Bumper Boy Learns How To Ride A Bike: Review My toddler daughter liked it, but did I? Borp on in and find out (yeah, I don't exactly know what that means either)...

Link - NEWSARAMA interview ON DC's UPCOMING KIDS TITLES I can't believe that I missed this earlier this week - From Newsarama.com

Bram Stoker's Dracula & More Retold In Comics Press Release Eureka Productions announces the publication of the revised GRAPHIC CLASSICS: BRAM STOKER

Henry V: Now Why Didn't I Think Of That? “Now why didn't somebody think of that before?” is the first thing that came to my mind while flipping through these Henry V comics

Do You Want to be A Comic Book Writer? Have you ever wanted to be a comic book writer? Have you ever dreamed of braking in to comics? Here is your chance

NIHILIST-MAN AND HIS AMAZING FRIENDS #1 is now available at finer comic book stores everywhere. Press Release

CAT'S MEOW SPECIAL EDITION: A Tribute to Mike Wieringo (1963-2007)

CAUSES OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION - Guest Review Special thanks to Chris at The Graphic Classroom for letting me post this review.

Check out Mama's Boyz: Home Schoolin' Press Release Creator Jerry Craft has published a new Mama's Boyz book called Mama's Boyz: Home Schoolin'

A Medium Sized Review for THREE VERY SMALL COMICS -UPDATE- Come in and experience Scott's gushing praise over a comic that very few comic fans have ever seen.

Houdini: The Handcuff King - A Review Come one! Come all! Come and see a comic reviewer try to be clever in his reviewing. Will he make it out alive? Read and see!

ZAPT! #3: Royal Blood Cover Series co-writer has provided us with a look at the 3rd volume from Tokyopop.

RAY HARRYHAUSEN PREVIEWS FOR ONLY 99-CENTS Press Release Bluewater Productions offers a preview of Ray Harryhausen's stories for only 99-cents!

Camp Babymouse: a Review Welcome to Camp Babymouse ! Two weeks of fresh air, fun, and friendship!.....Nope, not really...


Amelia Rules! Joins Scholastic Book Fairs & Clubs Amelia Rules! will now be carried as part of Scholastic Book Fairs and Clubs nationwide and in Canada.

Comic Workshops – 2007! I had the amazing opportunity early this summer to conduct two week-long comic creating day camps for students in my school district....

Learn Well Graphics Press Release Financial Literacy Program Materials That Also Help Students Read Better Released by Learn Well Graphics

The Bakers: Do These Toys Belong Somewhere? A Review of the most dangerous book on the shelves today!

Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms: A Manga Review think this might be my first attempt at reviewing anything Manga, so I hope it works out. I coudn't have picked a better book to start with though.

My Heavenly Hockey Club 1: Another Manga Review In which it is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the reviewer has a lot to learn about manga.

The Arrival – a review in pieces Looking for something for ESL students and for everyone else? Looking for something that will knock your socks off? Check this out.

RIVERDALE'S FAVORITE TEENS IN A WHOLE NEW LOOK! Out today is, the second issue of the new look Archie and friends.

ROCKETO: Journey to the Hidden Sea - a review Action, adventure, retro ships and robots, a shattered future Earth and touching loss and redemption. Now that's a comic book!

First in Space = The Right Stuff -or- Space Monkey, Space Monkey - What you doing out there? With a title that long, the review has to be amazingly well written...it's a rule. The book about the US space program using chimps isn't bad either.


Mom's Cancer: A Review I picked up a copy of the Graphic Novel Mom's Cancer this weekend. It was the most important thing I did this weekend.

Going APE Over Two New Comics I was recently emailed a couple of comics in PDF form and even though they are completely different, I thought I would review them together.


This Year's FCBD selections Lots of stuff for younger readers, older readers and you. A couple of lesson ideas and lots of selection.

Neal Adams on Adventures of Rabbit and Bear Paws It has been in the Canadian Scholastic Book Club forms already this year, and now you can order it from Diamond.

Kids, Comics and A Literary Festival This year the local literary festival put an emphasis on youth and children by having workshops and school visits by the attending authors. Lucky for me, as part of this focus they brought in some comic creators.

All Ages Free Comic Book Day Issues Tracy Edmunds has put together for us what seems like all of the all-ages books being offered this Free Comic Book Day.

Amelia Rules! Deals With Iraq - Press Release - Comic books are known for their portrayal of heroes, violence, and victory...but never has a book gone to the heart of the sacrifices made by the children of war veterans.....

So, What are you doing on Saturday, April 28, 2007? I'm giving a comic workshop at the Moncton Public Library, but if you live in or around New York City (Bronx Community College), you should check out KIDS' COMIC CON!

Free Comic Book Day Plans - 2007 UPDATE What comic shops are doing this year for you and your family on May 5th's FCBD. There are some great ideas already.

Press Release: "The Road to God Knows...is the story of Marie, a young teenage girl coming to grips with her Mom's schizophrenia - should appeal to teens.

LINKS: Our friends at The Graphic Classroom review Lions, Tigers and Bears Vol.1
Newsarama's ALL AGES READS is now archived on its own Blog.

Read an interview with KEAN SOO creator of JELLABY

Retailers! What kind of kid/family friendly things are you doing for the upcoming Free Comic Book Day? Let me know, and I will let our readers know.

Mike Bullock goes Sub-Sonic Mike (Lions, Tigers and Bears) Bullock joins the Archie team this summer to write issue 21 of the popular SonicX series.

Cowboys and Wizards! Texas Strangers Out Next Week Check out this fun new book. It won't take long - I didn't write much. Lay off - It's Monday - and Report Cards are due!

Comic Book Exchange Program Mike Bullock is begining an international push to start Comic Book Exchange Programs in elem. schools and libraries. I had the chance to talk with him about it...

How to be A Comic Book Artist….Not Just How to Draw A one-shot handbook that takes an informative look at how comics go from words on a script page to pictures on the comic page.

Mr. Big: A Nature Documentary / Murder Mystery for Your Elementary /Middle School Class 'Nuff Said.

LINK: Chris Wilson is doing some great reviews on his Blog: The Graphic Classroom. Check it out.

Point Form Notes for March 09, 2007- Bits of All Ages news from around the web. Links to cheap comic news, KIDS LOVE COMICS DAY, a new Spider-Man cartoon, a review and a new children's book...

Nickelodeon Magazine All-Comics Special I didn't know much about this magazine a week ago, and I certainly didn't know that they had an all-comics special, but I thought I would give it a read...

POGO to be re-released. I have seen some of the Peanuts re-printings by the same company - Would I love to have this!

I just received this Press Release From Scholastic about their booth at the NY Comic Con - Feb 23-25. What a line-up! Jeff Smith to name a big one!

Out Right Now! you can check out the collected Franklin storites in FRANKLIN RICHARDS: LAB BRAT HERE, and Rabbit and Bear Paws by Chad Solomon is still available through Scholastic's Jan Arrow Book Club.

Free Comic Book Day 2007 It is almost that time of year again! Free Comic Book Day! Come in for the titles available and the date.

Kids Love Comics... Cards! Kids Love Comics, a collection of all-ages creators and publishers promoting literacy through graphic novels, is gearing up for next week's New York Comic-Con

LINK : HERE is an article on a new fantasy comic, Mice Templar, and HERE is a five page introductory story.

LTB WINS ANGOULEME YOUTH AWARD It's not often that an American book wins top honors at Europe's biggest Comic Con, but LIONS, TIGERS AND BEARS VOL. 1(Tigres et Nounours) did.

LINK: "Comics In The Classroom" Essay on the Fat Jack Blog. It would be really good even without the mention of this site. Check out his first all ages review HERE.

The "Classic" Comics I'm not sure if they were ever really gone, but the use of comics to tell some of the great stories of classic literature is certainly here now, and here are two fine, and completely different examples.

Comics in the Classroom in the News! I did a workshop for boys on Wednesday, January 24th and it was covered by the local newspaper.....

ACTIONOPOLIS: When Adventure is Your Destination - A sort of review in which Scott sort of rambles and rants on about stuff until he gets tired of typing. Oh, and he also tells you what he thinks of the books.

Point Form Notes for Jan 14, 2007 - Bits of All Ages news from around the web. This time I link you to a couple of books that are new to me, and we see the first two put out for this year's FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!

Marvel Adventures Articles and Previews Come in for previews and articles about a series that your kids will love if they are fans of the recent crop of superhero movies...Jan 06, 2007

Big news for CitC! A couple of big things have happened this past holiday season.... well, click and find out what.... Jan 05, 2007

Amelia Rules! Three Books To Make You Laugh AR is back again with a vengeance with three very attractive trades in that reduced size that the Scholastic run of Bone has made so popular....Jan 04, 2007

At Risk Kids, Suicide and Robin #156 The title sort of says it all. A very well done comic that uses a fine touch when dealing with a very sensitive issue...Jan 03, 2007

A New Look At Betty & Veronica's New Look Take a look at the controversial new image for the popular characters....

A Dynamic New Look for Betty & Veronica Holy Cow! Things are about to change in a big way for Archie and Friends!...

Get A Bit Haywire NOW! A Bit Haywire is out now, and since the interview we have here was a few months ago, I thought it was a good time for a refresher...

Paul Newman, Actionopolis and You Actionopolis announces the launch of a drive to spread cheer and promote reading. It urges publishers to donate material to Paul Newman's Double H Ranch

HERO FOUNDRY RAISING MONEY TO BENEFIT N.O. PUBLIC LIBRARYThe Hero Foundry have placed the 2006 Convention Season Sketchbook on eBay to raise funds to help put comic books into libraries, schools and hospitals that cannot afford them.

GIANT SIZED Point Form Notes Bits Of News From Around the Web: Links to Mouse Guard reviews, lots of news on a new line of books for teenage girls, and LOTS more....Nov 30 , 2006

Comic Site Team-Up: Free Comics and Specials! -CLOSED-This site and OOTWcomic.com once again team up to offer you fresh new (FREE!) material for your important work with at-risk students...

Point Form Notes Bits Of News From Around the Web: Links to reviews of the new Babysitter's Club GN, an interview with American Born Chinese creator, and more....Nov 22 , 2006

National Book Award Nominated American Born Chinese Are you interested in getting your teenager reading National Book Award nominated book and maybe talking to you about something? This book might be for you...

The Canadian début of the Degrassi: The Next Generation graphic novels at the second annual "Triple Threat" series of young adult graphic novel presentations Nov 17, 2006

Kat and Mouse: A Review Would you be interested in an intelligently written and smartly illustrated book that empowers young girls and even has a cool science experiment and...

One Year Later! Comics In The Classroom Turns One! ! It has been a long year, but never in my wildest dreams did I think when I launched this thing twelve months ago that it would have grown as fast as it has...

To Dance: A Ballerina's Graphic Novel is the beautiful story of the writer, Siena Cherson Siegel's life as a young dancer...

TALES OF ADVENTURE, HORROR & SCIENCE FICTION Eureka Productions announces the publication of the second edition of Graphic Classics:Jack London (press release)

Review - Emily Edison: Teen Heroine vs. Evil Robots, Monsters, and...Her Grandfather Kind of says it all...

First Look at STUFF Harper Collins has provided CitC with an early preview of Stuff by Matthew Armstrong and Jeremy Strong. See it here first!...

Anger Management Comic GIVEAWAY! --CLOSED-- Teachers, Guidance Counselors, Resource Teachers, Youth Care Workers, Principals, Parents! Looking for fresh new (FREE!) material for your important work with at-risk students?

Point Form Notes Bits Of News: Two big pieces of news concerning a new all ages publisher and an Archie fundraiser for schools....Sept 28, 2006

Review - Castle Waiting: What's It Waiting For? For the awful joke that answers that question, and for the review of this beautifully bound book you will have to click and read....

Kids Love Comics! I'm not sure how I missed this one, but I just discovered the KLC website dedicated to " to increasing awareness and interest in kids' comics" Learn more inside....

Links for Librarians! I just found a couple of good articles that you might want to read if you are thinking of adding comics and Graphic novels to your library. Here and Here.

New Webcomic: Eskimo Dave It is an all-ages quest story about a man and his best friend a wise cracking polar bear named Steve. A new episode goes up every Wed. (now added to this site's Web Comic page)....

Point Form Notes Bits Of News: Links to interview with Krypto The Superdog writer, Lost Colony Writer, Amelia Rules! news, and my press release....Sept 21, 2006

"World of Quest" storms comic shops next week Created by Jason Kruse, "The World of Quest" is a graphic novel full of adventure, humor and excitement....Sept 21, 2006

Point Form Notes Bits Of News: Links to Jeff Smith BONE WORLD TOUR news, Spider-Man and Spider-Girl news....Sept 17, 2006

Ahoy There Me Hearties! Ahoy There Polly and the Pirates! The Polly and the Pirates digest is out now and I am pretty sure that I have the only review with a Wiggles reference...

Things Take Flight: Review of Flight 3 This is the third in a series of anthology books with the loose theme of…wait for it….Flight! This is an incredibly beautiful book, so keep reading...

Bears And Old Socks = TOYS FOR TOTS All during the month of September, The Astonish Factory is excited to be offering for sale a small sampling of Original Artwork from Herobear creator Mike Kunkel...

Point Form Notes Bits Of News: Links to a new Lions, Tigers and Bears preview, links to a preview of a new book, A Bit Haywire, Mouse Guard #5 and more....Sept 8, 2006

Good Comics for Girls: The Babysitter's Club Graphic Novel Now, I was never the target audience for the original Babysitter's Club series of novels, so my only experience with them is seeing my sister carry them around...

Need More Narnia? Read Thieves and King The series so far has a strong Narnia feel to it without feeling like a copy of any of those wonderful books. But was it any good? ....

Hammers, Valkyries, Heroes, and Villains - All In Time For Summer Kevin Grevioux: Creator/star of the movie UNDERWORLD Is now creating all ages comics. What did I think of them? Keep reading...

Web Comics? What's That? Free comics, that's what. That's right. There are free comics on the internet just waiting for you and the young people in your life to access them. Here are a couple of them...

I Know More About Bees Than You Do! Well, I do after reading the science graphic novel Clan Apis.Are you ready for a comic book about BEES!? You may not think so, but you are...


These are some articles, reviews and bits of news that were not transfered over to the new site. This page will be where pieces from the home page go when they are no longer new.

Do you know a teen that would fit this description? "Ever daydreamed about making your own comic book or manga? Lie awake late at night imagining being comics' next superstar? Ready to stop spending money on comics and start making it?" If so, come on in. Aug. 2 , 2006

One Mother's Tips for Kid-Friendly Comics Back when I was just building this site, I came across a series of reviews by Tracy Edmunds, and her young daughters Shelby & Sarah. Tracy and the girls are now writing reviews for Newsarama (see piece below), and she has offered me her old pieces to put up (I will be updating some availability information and editing out things that are no longer available). Thanks Tracy . Enjoy. July 23 , 2006



Spider-Girl Lives! This is the series that will not go away. It has been on the chopping block almost since it started. Loyal readers thought all their hard work keeping the book alive was finally over with the announcement that SG would be cancelled forever with #100 (out now). However, Marvel will be launching the new Amazing Spider-Girl. Fans rejoice. Read the Newsarama article HERE July 12 , 2006

One Of The Best Is Back: Franklin Richards #3! This came out on Wed, July 5. Read what Marvel has to say about it: You loved his first two smash-hit one-shots! Now there's even more to love, because Franklin Richards is back for more fun and mischief in this third spectacular collection of short tales... and, as always, his robot pal H.E.R.B.I.E. will be nearby to help prevent the potential disasters he unleashes.32 PGS./All Ages ...$2.99 July 7 , 2006

Great New Weekly All Ages Column Tracy Edmunds has been doing all ages comic reviews with her two young daughters for a while now. I will be putting up the still relevant portions of their old reviews later on this summer, but for now be sure to check out their new work at Newsarama.com every Sunday evening. Here are the four that have been posted so far: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4. June 30 , 2006

World of Quest: The Book That Has It All
If you were looking for a book to satisfy the action loving, booger joke laughing, magic/mystery fan in your family – Come on in! June 12 , 2006


Buzzboy Proves "Sidekicks Rule!" in August Sky-Dog Press Launches New Buzzboy Mini for Kids Month, announces"Create-A-Hero" Contest . June 11 , 2006


Team Zoom Offers Free Download in Lieu of 2nd Print Zoom Suit from Superverse has sold out. Its writer and publisher, John Taddeo has been a good friend to this site since last December and I am very happy for his success. I feel this book is fine for upper elementary students, and possibly for early elementary, but check it out first to see for yourself. Read the press release and then read the comic. Click HERE to go directly to the download page. June 11 , 2006


Interview and Award – All In One Day
You can check out an interview I did recently HERE. I also received this message from the site: “Because of your diligence in proving that comics can be effective learning tools, we have decided to make you Occasional Orb's "Double O Award" winner for excellence.” Thanks Occasional Orb. Also, you can read an interview I did in February HERE. June 3 , 2006

Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane Article
at Newsarama.com. Here is a great comic for boys and girls. Nice looking art, great writing and Spider-Man. Check out the article and then the comic (Cover shown here for issue on sale in June). May 24 , 2006


The Last Island Falling steering wheels, getting lost at sea - too far from your own deserted island, coutry mouse vs city mouse. What am I talking about? Come on in and find out. May 14 , 2006

Lions, Tigers and Bears! - Updated - The first issue of Mike Bullock and Jack Lawrence's great all ages series is out now (Price: $2.99 US/$3.65 CAN). Read a recent interview HERE. If you have not read any LTB go to runemasterstudios.com/literacy.php to read a free ten page complete story - Go HERE to read a preview of issue #2 May 11 , 2006


What Are Comic Shops Doing for FCBD? Every shop is different, and some are doing nothing, but here is what a few are doing for Free Comic Day.


Zoom Suit #1 - Out Now! John Taddeo, creator and publisher of the Zoom Suit comic has been a friend of this web site since last December. His new book is on the shelves now. Check out a preview HERE. April 26, 2006


Uptown Girl Newsletter Check out the newest Uptown Girl news from series creator Bob Lipski. Never heard of it? From uptowngirlcomic.com: 'Uptown Girl' is a black and white comic book that follows the misadventures of Uptown Girl, and her two best friends, Ruby Tuesday and Rocketman. 'Uptown Girl' is an all ages comic that appeals to kids and adults as well. April 16 , 2006

Out of This WorldWe teachers are always looking for resources to help us tackle difficult subjects with our students. Getting a dialogue started is not always easy. With that in mind, you might want to check out the Out of This World series. I have not read these books, but the OOTW site has previews of each of their issues (as well as a How to use this issue as a Guidance tool section). They deal with anger management, bullying, concentration and motivation. April 14 , 2006

Our First Award! Carla Beard from Web English Teacher contacted me this week to present Comics in the Classroom with its first award for being an "Outstanding Resource". Thanks to Carla and everyone at Web English Teacher. I am honored...March 31, 2006

Amelia Rules! That is the name of the comic I would like to share with you today, and truer words have never been spoken. Amelia certainly does Rule (lame, I know, but how could I resist)...March 31, 2006


The First of My Free Comic Book Day Reviews Come in to get early reviews and lesson ideas for some of the books being offered absolutely free on May 6, 2006....March 24, 2006
More Free Comic Book Day Selections
Update - Come in to get more early reviews and lesson ideas for some of the all ages books being offered absolutely free at your local comic shop on May 6, 2006....Spring 2006


That's Oddly Normal From the Viper Comics press release: We all remember the growing pains of childhood. Trying to fit in, not looking quite right, being teased and having to relocate to a fictional world with fantastic creatures pulled from dreams and nightmares alike. Yes, some themes are universal... March15, 2006

Free Comics! No, Really What? You've never heard of Free Comic Book Day (FCBD)? Click HERE to find out what you've been mising. February 7, 2006


Mouse Guard #1 Sells Out Press Release
Archaia Studios Press (ASP) is amazed and pleased to announce that David Petersen's Mouse Guard, which hit retailers' shelves last Wednesday, Feb 22, has sold out. March3, 2006

Robots and Mice: Two Reviews in One

February has been a pretty good month for all ages comics. Two of the best come from the opposite ends of the spectrum. One is a serious book about rodents and the other is a silly book about a little boy and his robot nanny. I have been looking forward to both of these books, and I was not disappointed.
February 26, 2006

Dark Horse for the Whole Family: Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures and Scarlet Traces Picks for your younger children, for your teenagers and for you.
February 4, 2006



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